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Bringing the secret and forgotten past of wartime Britain back to life.

The Posting Sentries Project is a unique undertaking and is the first large scale urban art project of its kind by British street artist WD.

All over the United Kingdom there are wartime structures that have been lost underneath the sprawl of todays society. Not only are the structures lost but the events and people connected to them have been as well.

Airfields, bunkers, coastal batteries, air raid shelters, observation points and many more structures lay hidden from the view of the 21st century. Structures from the two world wars and the more recent cold war, have left their marks on both the urban and rural environments of the UK.

To ensure that the population of today will remember the stories and people behind these decaying structures, WD began posting ‘sentries’ as a way of connecting with the past. These ‘sentries’ take the form of sprayed stencil forms, pasted paper murals or specially created sculpted pieces.

Before each sentry is ‘posted’, every site is carefully researched by WD to ensure that he creates artwork that will reflect an accurate and faithful representation of the structures original purpose.

PLEASE NOTE: The content of this website is updated once every 6 months.

If you wish to confirm a sighting of a project sentry you can do so by contacting info@war-department.com

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